Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 5, abbreviated name: PECC5 JSC, was established in May 2009 on the basis of experienced experts in the electricity industry.

Up to now, PECC5 has been licensed by Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam (ERAV) to provide design consultancy and supervision services for power constructions of up to 500 kV and power source projects of unlimited capacity.

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PECC5 - Ứng dụng công nghệ
  • As one of the leading consultancy units, PECC5 has been and will carry out the entire consulting and surveying works for many electricity projects which are important, large-scale, complicated, …

  • Always at the forefront of application of new and advanced technologies of the world, application of modern calculation software to the design consultancy works.
PECC5 - Tinh hoa nhân sự
  • The expert and engineer team of the Company is highly qualified, enthusiastic, experienced and challenged from practical domestic and international projects.

  • The company continues to focus on developing high quality human resources, innovating technological equipment to provide the best technical services to customers.


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